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Advantica Stoner and Miner & Miner Announce Collaboration

Advantica Stoner and Miner & Miner has announced a collaborative project that will enable electric and gas utilities to access Advantica Stoner’s network analysis capabilities from within Miner & Miner’s GIS-based Network Adapter product as they perform work in Designer or ArcFM.

Using the COM architecture of each other’s applications, Advantica Stoner and Miner & Miner have been able to improve the design and analysis process. Critical to cost effectiveness and sound design is the knowledge of how the design will impact the rest of the system. Now, a job designer will have information regarding the potential network performance effect of a proposed project. This initiative allows the network analysis functionality of Advantica Stoner’s SynerGEE® Electric Solver to be accessed from Miner & Miner’s ArcFM Network Adapter application based on ESRI’s ArcInfo. Network Adapter (formerly known as DistOps) is sold as an extension to either ArcFM or Designer. The Gas Solver integration with the Network Adapter will be developed for a future release.

By having access to Advantica Stoner’s Solvers when working with Miner & Miner’s solutions, users can design and evaluate a job for a variety of conditions directly in the GIS. Enabling the engineering group to make decisions based on both physical conditions and analysis criteria ensures a more efficient design process and empowers those most directly associated with the work to make key decisions.