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Advanced Weather Radar in Kashmir by Toshiba

Klystron Transmitter India: In order to avoid the mishaps that occurred in Uttarakhand and Kashmir, Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has been making several efforts to bring in the best of world technologies in weather radar. Toshiba having superior technology in weather radars and proven track record in Japan has been awarded to implement the advanced weather radar system in Kashmir.

Toshiba has partnered with Electronics Corporation of India (ECIL) to handle the IMD project. ECIL, with several superior technologies like antenna and several branches and service centers across the nation, will maintain the weather radars after being installed. Weather radars emit electric waves towards the sky and observe rain and wind by receiving electric waves that is reflected upon raindrops. Conventionally, the technology used is called Klystron Transmitter but Toshiba has put this functional it in a small semiconductor chip which is called Solid-state Transmitter. Traditional weather radar provides data about every 10 minutes, but solid-state weather radar gets the data in more detail in lesser time and spatially also. By analysing the particles in a special technology, one can also identify rain, snow, hailstone and measure the wind.

Source: Economic times