Home News Advanced Remote Monitoring LLC, KaHa join hands to combat COVID-19

Advanced Remote Monitoring LLC, KaHa join hands to combat COVID-19

Advanced Remote Monitoring LLC (AARM) along with its sister company Advanced Wearables Inc. (AWI) have announced a solution for to monitor and isolate COVID-19 cases. The company has entered into an agreement with KaHa, an IoT and smart wearables developer firm

The company has come up with Continuous Covid Monitoring+ utilizes smart wearable technology like armtrackrCCM+ wristband in order to check the temperature, heart rat e among others to provide latest data doctors ir governments.

The solution also includes heat maps suggesting spread of the pandemic in some areas. areas for quick response. Both also helps in monitoring and reinforcing quarantine and social distancing by informing patients as well as doctors and governments.

It’s a huge task to detect and track particular individuals infected with COVID-19. This new technolog can help in detecting potential cases and monitor their activities, sharing crucial informations with to doctors and health officials.

Abigail Aboitiz, co-Founder of AARM and AWI said, “Our vision is to create the best Remote Patient Monitoring ecosystem and save the maximum number of lives. We are rolling-out CCM+ as a matter of urgency as time is of the essence in saving lives from COVID-19 and will deploy it with several key medical groups from mid-April.”

The CCM+ platform helps in connecting wearable devices to track a patient’s temperature, heart rate or blood pressure. In case of any deficiency is found, the device urges the user to take medical advices and asks them to report any other symptoms shortness of breath, cough, among others .