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Advanced Horizontal Vertical Laser from Trimble

Trimble has announced the new Spectra Precision Laser HV401 Horizontal Vertical Laser, an advanced laser with high accuracy and durability for interior and general construction job sites. The HV401 Horizontal Vertical Laser features a simple, one-button self-levelling operation, and a long-range remote control. Designed for temperature-calibrated high accuracy and consistent performance, the HV401 Horizontal Vertical Laser is IP66 dust and waterproof. The rugged laser can withstand a drop of up to 1 m directly onto concrete or a tripod tip-over up to 1.5 m. A variety of power options are available, including NiMH batteries, alkaline batteries or direct power, minimizing downtime. The HV401 also features a very bright beam, and a range of rotation speed and scanning functions for superior job site visibility.

The HV401 Laser was developed specifically to operate in both horizontal and vertical modes in a wide variety of interior and general contractor applications. Interior applications include drop ceilings, sloped ceilings, layout of interior walls and framing, interior fittings and fixtures. General contractor applications include cut and fill measurements, layout of excavation lines, positioning of concrete forms and pinning footers, as-built checks, lay out of construction control lines on concrete pad for subcontractor use, elevation control over large jobsites and slopes on grade. Trimble is an innovator of GPS technology.