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Advanced geospatial modeling and simulation solutions announced by AEgis, DigitalGlobe

Longmont, Colorado, USA, December 5, 2006 – AEgis Technologies Group, provider of expert modeling and simulation services and products, and DigitalGlobe, provider of the high resolution commercial satellite imagery, are demonstrating a new collaborative 3-D mapping application at the 2006 Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) in Orlando, USA from December 5-7.

The combination of current 60-cm resolution satellite imagery with a highly detailed 3D modeling and terrain database dramatically merges geospatial intelligence with virtual simulation. The I/TSEC demo of this new capability will showcase the Arak nuclear-associated facility in Iran and can be seen at the AEgis Technologies Booth, No. 1321.

This collaborative simulation application features several advancements over technology offered up until this point. Past simulation technologies have been data intensive, hard to use and took several weeks to render. The collaboration between AEgis’ simulation technology and DigitalGlobe’s highest resolution, most accurate satellite imagery provides users with 3D technology which is easy to build and use. Systems are rendered in days instead of weeks, use open source technology and include a free viewer.

“AEgis and DigitalGlobe have partnered to develop a state-of-the-art virtual simulation and geospatial modeling solution which will change the way people work with 3D modeling,” said Stephen Wood, Senior Director of National Security Programs for DigitalGlobe.

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