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ADSIC meet consolidates Abu Dhabi”s geospatial experiences

Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi Systems and Information Center (ADSIC) held its latest meeting with members of the Abu Dhabi Spatial Data Infrastructure (AD-SDI) initiative recently in Abu Dhabi to discuss geospatial experiences, trends and best practices impacting the Emirate”s development.

Attendees at the AD-SDI meeting discussed their latest GIS projects, solutions and applications and also covered issues of common concern with the goal of better aligning member objectives, activities and strategies. They also reviewed key technologies and the latest strategic trends.

“Unity is like a chain; one weak link can compromise the stronger ones. It is important that all AD-SDI members constantly communicate and cooperate, feed off of their strengths and collaboratively strategise on what to do next to sustain all the achievements that have been made to build up Abu Dhabi”s geospatial field. These regular meetings are important to the fulfilment of the shared goals of all members,” said Khaled Al Sheikh, Entity Liaison Manager, Spatial Data Centre.

Source: WAM