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ADSIC announces the launch of the AD-SDI

Abu Dhabi, UAE — This morning Abu Dhabi Systems and Information Committee, launched the Abu Dhabi Spatial Data Initiative (AD-SDI), the latest stage of the government’s strategy to stay at the cutting edge of geographic information technology and systems. The AD-SDI represents another vital step forward in the government’s efforts to bring the benefits of broad-based electronic access to its service provision activities.

The AD-SDI will coordinate vital data-sharing activities while leaving primary responsibility for development and maintenance of framework data with specific custodian agencies.

The AD-SDI builds on important geographic information programs already complete or underway. For example, the UAE Military Survey Department has initiated major projects to extend the digital basemap data for the entire Abu Dhabi Emirate. The Environment Agency of Abu Dhabi is developing a soils map for the Emirate, has acquired various satellite imagery for all of the UAE, and has initiated an aggressive and proactive program called the Abu Dhabi Global Environmental Data Initiative (AGEDI) to increase access and use of quality environmental data for conservation and sustainable development.

In this foundation stage of the initiative, AD-SDI will work with key agencies to focus on building a Geospatial Portal to host data reference libraries, a data clearinghouse, and links to the data-hosting agencies. In addition, the AD-SDI will help develop common data coordination procedures and standards, establish an operational model for the new Spatial Data Coordination Center (SDCC) and its interactions with the agencies, and prepare a new strategic plan that will set the long-term course for subsequent phases of AD-SDI development.