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‘ADF must adopt enterprise GIS approach’

Australia: Australian Defence Force (ADF) must adopt an enterprise GIS approach to meet the expectations of its strategy, A New Geospatial Domain, released earlier this year, according to Esri Australia Manager for Defence Simon Hill. 
Speaking at an annual gathering of high-profile international defence GIS specialists, Hill said that the ADF must follow the lead of the US military in net centric operations and adopt an enterprise approach to the use of geospatial information and technology if they are to realise the vision outlined in their own geospatial strategy. “Australia has a flexible, agile Defence Force which relies on superior information for competitive advantage.”
“The Department of Defence strategy recommends that to achieve knowledge dominance, the ADF must address the limited capability of systems and platforms that do not adequately consider geospatial information. The strategy contains a range of geospatial objectives that focus on the coordination of information collection and analysis capabilities across the various parts of Defence, including the services. Key to meeting these objectives is the transformation of the nation’s Army, Navy and Air Force into one geospatially enabled, networked force – what we refer to as an enterprise GIS approach.”
Hill explained an enterprise GIS approach linked data from multiple systems and platforms and presented that data as a ‘single source of truth’. “Users can easily visualise information that may previously have been held in disparate tables or databases, and can clearly identify correlations and relationships that exist,” Hill added. “This enables quicker analysis, more robust planning and, ultimately, superior decision making – saving lives and money.”
Hill said the approach was already being used extensively by US Forces and NATO to ensure specialist operational knowledge was shared across joint forces – and not confined to silos.
Source: Esri Australia