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ADEC holds orientation on GIS projects

UAE: Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) held an orientation session for Abu Dhabi school principals today to discuss the development and training of a number of information and communication technology (ICT) initiatives. The orientation covered ADEC’s geographic information system which enables users to locate all schools in the emirate and the nearest medical facilities, with a simple search tool. Users are also able to generate dynamic and comparative reports on everything from school profiles, to teacher and student statistics through this online resource. Decision-makers and school staff can compare students’ test scores in their own school against average performance levels.

GeoPlanner, ADEC’s new internal portal provides intranet users a number of services and applications that improve their work efficiency. The portal allows ADEC headquarters and regional offices to access school information easily. The portal has a high capacity to store information, data and documents while ensuring privacy and security are maintained.

Principals were informed that Abu Dhabi public schools will be supplied with infrastructure cabling, internet connectivity, MPLS updates, and a network connecting all schools to provide a central school monitoring service. This infrastructure will be supported with practical applications such as the Electronic Student Information System (eSIS), GIS and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), which assist with school administration, financial functions and daily school record keeping.

H.E. Dr. Mugheer Khamis Al-Khaili, Director General of ADEC, Mr. Mohammad Salem Al-Dhaheri, Executive Director of School Operations and a number of school principals and senior administrators attended the orientation.

Source: AMEinfo.com