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Actian taps growth in location-based data with geospatial release

REDWOOD CITY, USA:  Actian Corporation today announced the addition of geospatial support to the Ingres relational database. Ingres 10S supports leading spatial applications such as Esri’s ArcGIS for Desktop and FME, and enables businesses to collect, migrate, analyze and share spatial and relational data together. Affordable, out-of-the-box geospatial features and data types, combined with 24×7 mission-critical support, positions Ingres 10S to capitalize on the growth of location-based data driven by modern web applications such as social media, logistic systems and mobile devices.

“We are collecting more spatial data on a more frequent basis, such as addresses, geocodes and co-ordinates,” says Tyler Mitchell, geospatial guru and consultant engineering director at Actian. “Companies can no longer afford to have the spatial component of their data segregated from the rest of their enterprise data. Ingres 10S lets you store and manipulate data alongside traditional data, and our GIS functions and data types are included out-of-the-box. With Ingres 10S you can perform spatial analysis, enable web mapping and create maps more easily using leading GIS applications.”

Ingres 10S includes read/write support to leading GIS software packages, such as Esri’s ArcGIS for Desktop. MapServer and GeoServer support make it easy to share data and enable web mapping, and Ingres 10S offers unlimited data import flexibility using the leading spatial ETL tool, Safe Software’s Feature Manipulation Engine (FME).

“At Safe Software, our focus is on ensuring that spatial data can be used and shared – regardless of the tool it originates from or the system it needs to be used in,” says Dale Lutz, vice president of development and co-founder at Safe Software. “We are pleased to extend FME’s powerful spatial data transformation capabilities to Ingres database users to help them overcome the challenges they may face with using and sharing spatial data.”

Ingres 10S is an all-in-one spatial and relational database and does not require additional add-ons to access its geospatial functionality. Ingres 10S is supported by other programming libraries, including GDAL/OGR and GeoTools, allowing additional applications to import, export and manipulate vector data. Ingres 10S leverages the GEOS geometry and PROJ cartographic projection libraries for manipulating and transforming spatial data between dozens of geographic and planar co-ordinate systems.

“I am excited to see spatial functionality added to the Ingres product, as this is very important for modern location awareness and mobile applications,” said Tom Turchioe, chief technology officer at Critigen. “Strong products benefit from strong service offerings, and Critigen, a leading spatial services, integration and Esri Platinum Partner, creates cross vertical solutions that take full advantage of these new Ingres features to help deliver real business value.”

“Ingres 10S enables businesses to become more sophisticated with their spatial data,” says Mr. Mitchell. “For example, delivery vehicles could dynamically alter their route based on changing traffic conditions, and construction companies can provide equipment from the nearest location instead of always sourcing it from a central store. Companies are looking to extract more value out of their growing spatial data, and Actian wants to add more value to customers by making it easier to interact with both spatial and relational data. Ingres 10S offers a complete spatial and relational database solution that is highly affordable, and includes worldwide mission-critical 24×7 support.”

: actian.com