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ACIAR to monitor rice farming in Vietnam

Vietnam: The Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) is all set to initiate a project to examine the impact of climate change on rice farming in Vietnam. Named “Climate change affecting land use in the Cuu Long (Mekong) Delta: Adaptation of rice-based crop systems”, the USD 3.7 million project will involve a geospatial biophysical impact and vulnerability assessment.

It also includes plant breeding for improved resilience to salinity and submergence, development of integrated soil, nutrient and water management options. Nick Austin, CEO of ACIAR has informed, “The project benefits both Viet Nam and Australia. We have the same challenges with climate change, hostile soils and similar crops. Vietnamese researchers are interested and working on similar research questions. Some of our studies demonstrate clear benefits back to Australia as well as Viet Nam. Our most successful projects have mutual benefits for both countries.

He added, “Food security is a priority of the Australian Government. At a high level, Viet nam is a major exporter of rice, and at a high level, Australia has benefited from investing in improving and sustaining production and agricultural outputs. At the scientific institution level, there is a very clear benefit in knowledge transfer and common approaches to problems in both countries.” The project is scheduled to commence in July.

Source: Vietnam News