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ACD Systems launches Canvas 9

ACD Systems International Inc., Canadian digital imaging company and makers of ACDSee and Canvas, announced the release of Canvas 9 Advanced GIS Mapping Edition, a program that blends native support for GIS data with Canvas’ full range of illustration, image editing, page layout, Web graphics, and desktop presentation features.

According to company’s release, Canvas 9 Advanced GIS Mapping Edition makes tasks that might require hours, even days of work – or simply could not be accomplished with other technical illustration or graphics applications – easy to complete. The program includes a host of GIS capabilities to target the more sophisticated needs of mission-critical GIS projects that demand precise visualization, annotation, editing, filtering, and import or export of GIS data.

The new features of Canvas 9 include:

– Select by Property
– Object Properties
– Visualize Data Interface
– Map Symbols Replacement
– Statistics by Property
– Label by Property

Canvas 9 offers a vast range of new GIS-specific import filters such as:

– MapInfo – ARC/INFO – USGS Digital Line Graphs – TIGER (Census) – MrSID (Win. only) – GML (Geography Markup Language) – SDTS (USGS Spatial Data Transfer Standard) – GIS Text – Garmin (GPS) – ECW (Enhanced Compressed Wavelet Images – S57 (IHO International Hydrographic Organization)

From within Canvas 9 Advanced GIS Mapping Edition, geo-referenced data such as Lat/Long coordinates, map object properties, and other related information is maintained during export to the following formats:

– GeoTIFF – SHAPE – GIS Text – GeoJPEG – ECW