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ACD based high speed trains for safety purposes

Production units of the Indian Railways will be turned into profit centers, having indigenised latest technology will be utilised to their full capacity. Also excess capacity will be used for meeting the export demand. Besides, it will also help in reducing the production cost for domestic requirements since capacity utilisation will be full. The railway production units include Chittranjan locomotive works, diesel locomotive works, integral coach factory, rail coach factory etc. These units work under the railways and engage in export activities through Rites Ltd and Ircon International. The railways would be making move towards introducing high-speed trains. A trial for running train on 150 kmph was successfully conducted by the Konkan Railway though the Rajdhanis run on 130 kmph, there was a move to further improve the speed. High-speed bullet trains needed massive investment, which was not possible in the current scenario. The prerequisite for running such trains was dedicated corridors and fencing of tracks on which they run. Straying of cattle or any other thing on track when such a train is moving can lead to disastrous consequences, he said. The emphasis of Railways should be on safety and security.

On the issue of safety an anti-collision devices (ACD) would be introduced soon. A survey is being conducted on 1800 km of north frontier Railway for introducing these safety devices. ACD is based on the Global Positioning System (GPS) whereby a train is automatically brought to a halt if the track ahead is not clear. The train starts braking 3 km ahead of the blockade. The railways will require about Rs 1,600 crore for introducing ACDs on all locomotives, guardrooms, stations and level crossings that would need additional resources.

Source: Jyoti Mukul
Financial Express