Home News Accurate measurements based on point clouds is easier with NavVis IndoorViewer 2.6

Accurate measurements based on point clouds is easier with NavVis IndoorViewer 2.6

The Germany-based company NaVVis, which provides the indoor spatial intelligence technology and enterprise solutions, has launched a software named NavVis IndoorViewer 2.6.This software consists of a tool that helps users take measurements accurately based on point clouds in realistic browser-based digital buildings.

The latest release also helps in making extra features available to structured e57 point cloud files, which also include automatically generating highly detailed floorplans as well as routing.

According to Georg Schroth, CTO, NavVis , “When redesigning the measurement tool in NavVis IndoorViewer, we wanted to make sure that a wide range of stakeholders in every industry that works with built environments could benefit from the accuracy of point clouds when taking virtual measurements.”

“We are confident that the new magnifying feature in NavVis IndoorViewer achieves our goal. Now even stakeholders that are unfamiliar with point clouds have an easy, intuitive way to take measurements based on this highly accurate real world data,” he added.

The latest technology marks major step in the accuracy of virtual measurement tools. It has been redesigned to quash the two major problems with virtual measurement tools, which are accuracy and usability.

Even as point cloud measurements are mostly accurate, these tools are not accessible for a wide range of building stakeholders who do not have the experience to work with point clouds. While the tool uses pictures or meshes, which are more user-friendly than point clouds, usually tools cannot be relied upon much to produce accurate results.

The new measurement tool consists of the best of both worlds, due to patent-pending magnifying feature that appears while taking measurements in the realistic 360° view.

The magnifying feature shows the particular section of the point cloud behind the icture and helps users use the point cloud point as the basis for a measurement while taking help from the intuitive interface of the fully immersive walkthrough.