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Accurate data for 2005 e-government targets

Laser-Scan, in conjunction with its partner GDC, is running a programme to help local authorities prepare their data for efficient and effective use throughout their organizations, a necessary step on the road to achieving e-government targets by 2005. Many authorities are discovering that, although a department’s data is perfectly suitable for use within that department, it is not necessarily compatible with data from other departments. They are also finding that their own data doesn’t fit the new OS MasterMapT dataset as well as they’d hoped.

Laser-Scan and GDC aim to show local authorities exactly how they can achieve compatibility across the entire organization as well as with OS MasterMap. “Cleaning” and structuring the data such that it can be accessed from a single database by all departments achieve this. Laser-Scan’s groundbreaking new product Radius Topology is instrumental in this process. A project is already underway at London Borough of Enfield (LBE). In little more than 5 weeks LBE expects clean and structured data; original estimates for the length of the project stood at 5 years!

Radius Topology is a dynamic topology management layer stored in Oracle9i, creating a server-side topological solution for handling the structure of spatial information. This means that Radius Topology also acts as a “gatekeeper”, only allowing clean, accurate data into the database. Inconsistent data is automatically corrected, within the bounds of user-defined rules. So, no matter who adds new data or which software they use, LBE can be confident that Radius Topology is working hard to ensure that its data is error-free and, above all, accessible across the organization.