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AccuGlobe 2004

Digital Data Technologies (DDTI) and GeoMicro announced the availability of AccuGlobe 2004 for free download at www.ddti.net/accuglobe.asp.

AccuGlobe 2004 was developed by DDTI, a business partner of GeoMicro. The product is built on GeoMicro’s AltaMap components.
AccuGlobe 2004 contains many GIS features such as feature editing, charts, smart labeling, web updates and creating project files. The primary purpose of AccuGlobe is to provide a mapping platform for organizations or people that have previously been unable to use GIS software because of the expensive license fees.
As climed by AccuGlobe, there are two key features that differentiate it from others:
1)The AccuGlobe 2004 software is a GIS, not a viewer, and can be freely downloaded and distributed to end users, and
2)AccuGlobe is also a development platform that can be customized and developers can create Plug-Ins and Extensions. The AccuGlobe SDK will be released in early Dec.

The AccuGlobe newsgroup has been launched by GeoMicro and can be found at .

AccuGlobe users and developers can ask questions about the product, share knowledge, exchange ideas, and promote Plug-Ins and Extensions they have. GeoMicro develops GIS software for the Desktop, Internet, and Mobile applications. GeoMicro’s AltaMap™ family of products cover the full range of Internet Mapping needs. Digital Data Technologies, Inc. is another GIS developer for the county and local governments. Utilizing its unique GPS and voice recording data collection system, DDTI creates an intelligent base map, complete with a three-dimensional road centerline network and field-verified addressing, enabling the correct mapping of location-based data.

Dave Ransier
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