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Abu Dhabi uses GIS based system for road safety issues

Abu Dhabi: A unique system which uses artificial intelligence to evaluate and assess road safety issues to come up with counter measures is being implemented by the Abu Dhabi Police. The GIS based Intelligent Safety Management System will use information gathered by road-monitoring devices to identify major problem areas in road safety and generate a number of solutions to help combat these issues.

“This system is the first of its kind in the world. It will use GIS which has helped us manually create solutions for certain problems in the past such as speeding and red-light violations,” said Dr Atef Gareeb, roads and traffic expert at Abu Dhabi Police. “GIS was very efficient because it aided us in studying which areas in Abu Dhabi have the highest number of accidents, and based on that we placed speed monitors in a practical, calculated manner. We were also able to dispatch patrols in high-risk zones and advise officers to look out for 15 to 20 major violations which are normally associated with higher death rates,” added Gareeb.

Source: Gulf news