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Abu Dhabi Police GIS Center for Security joins OGC

Abu Dhabi, UAE: The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) announced that the UAE Ministry of the Interior, represented by Abu Dhabi Police GIS Center for Security, became a principal member of the OGC. It will chair now a new planned international OGC Law Enforcement and Public Safety Working Group.

Mark Reichardt, President of the OGC, said, “By becoming a principal member in the OGC, the UAE Ministry of the Interior has shown a strong commitment to the open standards community and its leadership in advancing OGC standards for improved decision making across government. It’s also important for the Middle East region that we now have an OGC principal member from the UAE.”

“We are pleased to be the first police force in the world to be a principal member of the OGC, and in a position to chair a focused domain working group at the global level,” said Captain Mohammed Saleh Al Mansoori, head of the GIS Center for Security in the UAE. “This initiative contributes to our mission of becoming an intelligence-led police force by investing in information and knowledge and adopting technology best practices and standards to fulfill our tasks and duties as a force.”

In addition to advancing technical standards and best practices as voting members of the OGC Technical Committee, principal members provide guidance on market direction and consortium focus, vote to approve nominations to the OGC board of directors, and have authority over the development, release and adoption of OGC standards through their voting rights in the OGC planning committee.

The Abu Dhabi Police GIS Center for Security aims to contribute to the OGC GovFuture Program and other consortium activities that guide local, sub-national, national & international government organisations in raising awareness and adoption of OGC standards in geospatial systems and geographical information, which are critically important in government decision support systems. Abu Dhabi Police is interested in initiating and leading a domain working group that would be supported by police, emergency and security forces from the UAE, the Middle East region and other world regions. The goal is to drive geospatial technology standards and approaches that support law enforcement, public safety and security, as well as encouraging research, projects, events and outreach that contribute to achieving this goal.

Source: OGC