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Abu Dhabi Municipality to standardise project design layout

Abu Dhabi, UAE: The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, UAE, called on contractors, consultancy offices and developers to adhere to the standards of submitting projects design layouts along with ‘As Built’ drawings online. The municipality started offering this service to customers since January 1st, 2012.
Engineer Salah Awad Al Sarraj, Acting Executive Director of Town Planning Sector, said, “The municipality is seriously working on upgrading its e-service offering as envisioned in Abu Dhabi Strategy 2030 as regards renovation of services rendered to customers to bring them in line with excellence and quality standards, especially in the field of spatial data, which undergoes a continual renovation process to keep pace with the requirements of developments and projects, be it on urban or infrastructure level.”
Al Sarraj noted that the Spatial Data Division, at Town Planning Sector, had accomplished many improvement projects aimed at upgrading the calibre of services on offer, particularly e-services, and cited the completion of the Base Map & Survey Stations Project and Visualization of Abu Dhabi in 3D Model as examples. All these projects came as part of an integrated package of modern graphic services run by the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City to supplement the requirements of comprehensive development across Abu Dhabi, he added.
Engineer Mariam Obaid Al Muhairi, Head of the GIS, said, “In this context the Municipality held a workshop and invited representatives of consultant offices, contractors and developers in a bid publicise this key requirement by considering it integral to the process of submitting data, design layouts and “as built” drawings, using DWG Format, via an integrated electronic system available to customers through applying CDP building permits system, which contain an electronic version detailing the standards of online submission of buildings data.”
Al Muhairi added, “It is imperative to submit files containing the said drawings along with supporting documents of building permit applications. This course of action has now become an integral part and mandatory requirement of the process of issuing building permits.”
“It is important for contractors and consultants to submit the ‘As Built’ drawings, as this has also become a prerequisite for issuing Building Completion Certificates. Any application submitted to obtain a building permit or a building completion certificate, not inclusive of the above-mentioned drawings, will be readily rejected, thus the applicant will not be able to complete the permit procedures nor obtain a final completion certificate.”
“The Municipality has therefore recently held a workshop highlighting the requirements of this electronic service and is braced for holding several successive workshops later on in collaboration and coordination with contractors, consultants and developers to publicize the culture of this service and spotlight the procedures to be followed to complete the process of submitting drawings online both before commencing and after completion of the project,” concluded the Head of the GIS Section.
Source: www.adm.gov.ae