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Abu Dhabi fossil sites being surveyed

Abu Dhabi, UAE: A team from Yale University is working in Abu Dhabi, surveying and mapping fossil sites.

The team from the Peabody Museum of Natural History in the US arrived in Abu Dhabi in mid-December to continue their collaboration with the Historic Environment Department of the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH). ADACH’s Historic Environment team is currently working on an extensive project mapping the location of all fossil sites in Abu Dhabi.

The joint ADACH-Yale project concerns the investigation of the Baynunah Formation, a set of geological deposits rich in fossils, exposed in Abu Dhabi’s Western Region. These sites date back six to eight million years to the Late Miocene epoch when Abu Dhabi was greener, with rivers teeming with hippos, crocodiles, turtles and fish.