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ABC maps Australia’s coal seam gas wells

Australia: The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) pulled together information from dozens of sources to provide an insight into the promise and the dangers inherent in the coal seam gas rush. It produced a webpage which shows Australia’s coal seam gas activities in the form of map and graphs. It claimed that it is the most comprehensive map made so far. 
However, the coal seam gas industry reacted angrily to this new interactive ABC site. The website, Coal Seam Gas by the Numbers, shows the location of wells and contains information about the industry’s projected growth and water use. But mining industry group Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association (APPEA) has alleged the website is “riddled with factual errors.”
APPEA chief operating officer for eastern Australia Rick Wilkinson said the ABC had failed to uphold its own editorial values. “The ABC is held in very high esteem by the Australian public, but most observers would concede this piece of work fails to provide the objectivity, accuracy, or right of reply that is expected of quality journalism,” he added.
The APPEA claimed the site listed out of production and conventional gas wells as coal seam gas wells, overestimated the amount of water used by the industry and contained “wrong and misleading graphics.”
The ABC unit responsible for the site has said it will investigate the claims of inaccuracy.
Source: www.abc.net.au & www.northweststar.com.au