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ABACO announces complementary drivers for DbGIS dev and DbMAP Internet Server

In the form of OCX/Activex components, DLL libraries, and JAVA applets, DbCAD dev, DbGIS dev e DbMAP Internet Server have been designed for the most demanding developers, who must integrate their applications with advanced raster, vector, and database functions.

The main characteristics of the products, written to implement specific applications for SIT/GIS/AM/FM/CAD and other application fields, are:

  • Total integration with applications
  • Multi-format, multi-file, and multi-layer raster and vector
  • Links to external data bases
  • Vectorial editing
  • Completeness and reusability in different application fields
  • Open architecture
  • Unlimited distribution license
  • Expandibility with external drivers and utilities

Moreover, the total compatibility between our products guarantees the developer to use all functionalities, even in a single application.

DbCAD dev
The first, and most complete, component library that unifies, in a single product, raster/vector and database functions. Powerful and versatile, it is the best engine for any graphic application that must integrate the most widely used CAD/GIS and DBMS technologies.
· Supports AutoCAD® DWG/DXF file formats
· Supports ESRI® SHP file formats
· Supports MicroStation® DGN file formats
· Supports TIFF, JPG, BMP, and other raster file formats

DbGIS dev
In addition to all the functions of DbCAD dev, DbGIS dev is the expansion towards the functions of the most advanced SIT/GIS applications, and the enhancement of applications already written with DbCAD dev.
· Supports GeoTIFF 24bit file formats (excluding LZW compression)
· Boolean operations between polygons
· Spatial analysis
· Raster tassellation
· Raster transparency
· Includes SHP*, MrSID* and ECW* driver

DbMAP Internet Server
DbMAP Internet Server represents the new generation of ABACO products for cartographic publication and data query over the Internet. It is based on a Client/Server architecture for the development and the distribution of GIS applications and data, and uses a flexible and scalable system to design Intranet and Internet solutions.