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AAMHatch deploys satellite tracker

Australia: AAMHatch has adopted a new system to allow its land and air operations to communicate in times of emergency. Following extensive research the SPOT – Satellite Personal Tracker was adopted to help protect the well being of our employees, contractors, clients and the communities.

With the adoption of this new technology AAMHatch is able to continue to service client needs into remote areas of the world with confidence that the movements of its staff can be tracked and responded quickly in times of emergency.

The SPOT system has the advantage by being able to transmit together the field teams exact GPS location with a pre-programmed safety message, through the GlobalStar satellite network to multiple contacts (I.e. Office Coordinator, Safety Manager, Client Representative and the emergency services).

The SPOT system has 4 primary functions

1. OK button – provides the ability to inform people (that you nominate) via email you are OK. It also has a link to your location on Google Maps which can be saved for later viewing.
2. HELP button – gives the operator the ability to inform various members of the organisation (that the organisation has nominated) via email, that the field team needs HELP from within the resources of AAMHatch only and not emergency services. It also has a link to field teams’ location on Google Maps.
3. 9-1-1 (URGENT) button – Provides the ability to inform Emergency Services that the field team needs URGENT HELP with a link to your location on Google Maps.
4. LIVE TRACK – Provides the ability to live track people / vehicles in the field with the device giving updates approximately every 10 minutes. All viewed on Google Maps or Google Earth.