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AAM wins multiple spatial excellence awards

Australia: AAM has received multiple state and national awards this year for its innovative capabilities.

At the 7th Annual Asia-Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards, AAM was the recipient of both the J.K Barrie Award: Overall Winner of all submissions in 2010 and the Infrastructure and Construction Award.  The J.K Barrie Award represents the pinnacle of achievement in the spatial industry and is the highest award the national panel of judges can confer, said the company.  JK Barrie was the founder of AAM and this award is a highly prized and significant achievement cherished by all AAM staff, adds the company.

AAM also won the Infrastructure and Construction Award for the NSW project: ‘Measure, Monitor, Mapping’.

The ‘Measure, Monitor, Mapping’ Campaign on BlueScope Steel’s Number 5 Blast Furnace Reline Project was a major industrial survey task led by Santiago Garayzabal. The project was considered as one of the most complex tasks undertaken in its field.  The judges commented that this winning project was an excellent demonstration of how surveyors adapted their knowledge and experience to capture high quality measurements within critical and short timeframes under hazardous conditions, the company further states.

The objective of the Reline Project was to renovate a 27-storey tall furnace and facilitate its safe and efficient operation for at least another 15 years.  AAM surveyors were involved at all stages of the Reline Project for a wide variety of industrial surveying tasks in this hazardous environment.  

In addition, AAM also won the Thomas Mitchell Award, the top prize in the New South Wales 2010 Excellence in Surveying and Spatial Information Awards, the JM Serisier Award for Overall Excellence for the “Virtual Brisbane” submission with Brisbane City Council.

Source: AAM