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AAM and GeoSys form alliance in Hong Kong

Hong Kong: AAM and GeoSys have recently formed an alliance to work together in Hong Kong. GeoSys and AAM will be cooperating to provide the Hong Kong geospatial industry with a broad range of 3D GIS and web mapping services.

AAM provides data acquisition services across Asia, it is also increasing its offering in deploying and utilising spatial data amongst its client base. This has involved the development of the leading 3D GIS visualisation and analysis software: K2Vi. As a Business Partner of Latitude Geographics, AAM is enabling its clients to deploy their own sophisticated web mapping sites with their Geocortex software. GeoSys’s background in geospatial web mapping services will assist AAM to better deliver services like creating and publishing their own task-specific internet or internet sites, for Workstation or mobile deployment to their Hong Kong based clients. “We digitise the real world for business and government. From vast expanses of landscape down to individual pieces of machinery, we capture it all. Our depth of resources provides the flexibility to adapt our methods to specific project needs. We then help our clients manipulate it, analyse it, and profit from it,” said David Jonas, Business Development Manager.

Source: AAM group