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AABSyS Executes Topographic Mapping Projects

India – AABSyS Information Technology Private Limited has executed several topographic mapping projects for major global clients in Europe.

One project involved creating 3D Topographic Maps (www.aabsys.com/website/cad-gis-products/topographic-mapping/main ..) of a region in Romania to analyse the effect of earthquakes. The client provided hard copies and scanned colour images of earthquake-prone zones of the country.

AABSyS’ work involved digitizing the scanned images of earthquake-prone areas that were provided by the client. Topographical information such as contour lines, streets, rivers and lakes, and geographic information like vegetation lines, state and district boundaries, were digitized in specified layers.

Contour lines were drawn as per the elevation information provided on the scanned image.

Digitized maps were rubber-sheeted and merged to obtain a single map, and the plot of the vectorized map was matched against the source hard copy on a lighted glass table. The file was delivered in DGN format.

Another project involved creating digital topographic information from survey drawings of mining zones in Italy. AABSys georeferenced the survey scans and created topographic maps.

Yet another project was for the digitization of topographic maps for the mineral exploration industry in Europe. The client provided geographic survey scans specifying the depth of availability of minerals under the earth. AABSyS created topographic maps with the exact information used by the Geological Survey Department.