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A solid national budget for Norway’s activities in space

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The Norwegian government has clearly taken into consideration the Norwegian Space Agency’s advice of where it is most advantageous to expand Norway’s activities in space in its national budget.

The Norwegian Space Agency identifies an increase in allocations as well as in responsibilities, partially due to Norway’s higher degree of participation in the EU space programs.

Norsk Romsenter quoted Hauglie-Hanssen, general director of the Norwegian Space Agency, as saying that an increased participation in EU’s space programs needs an expanded national infrastructure in order to get the most out of this participation.

This includes the further participation in EU’s space programs Galileo for satellite navigation and Copernicus for Earth observation, as well as the programs Governmental Satellite Communications (GovSatcom) and Space Safety Awareness (SSA).

Exploring space and building a new launch base

The budget for Norway’s continued participation in ESA and its programs are in line with the current agreements and declarations agreed upon at ESA’s ministerial meeting in 2019.

Hauglie-Hanssen added that these allocations confirm their continued active membership in ESA and in their plans for the coming exploration of the moon, Mars and even further out in space.

He commented that he views the increased support for Andøya Space as a sign that the government regards the opportunities with building a launch base for small satellites in Northern Norway as a matter of great importance. The Norwegian Space Agency will add and contribute to this process as much as possible.