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A new view of Solano country on the Web

Solano, California: Solano County residents can now access aerial photos and background information on their homes with a click of a mouse. The county recently launched a new GIS Website that offers satellite images of the entire county, basic maps and overlays including photos of homes and zoning areas.

Similar to images on Google Earth and other sites like it, offers anyone with Internet access a host of information. Jake Armstrong, GIS coordinator for Solano County, said although the site is already ahead of many other counties, it’s only the beginning of what it can do.

Along with the images, information including when the home was built, the square footage and the most recently assessed price of the home are included. It’s listed only by the address and no names are included. People or business can also create their own maps and save them as PDFs or e-mail them.

Along with providing residents with information, the GIS will serve as a great tool for cities to use as well. He said cities will eventually be able to utilise the maps to share with different agencies.