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A GIS for cyclists

Taiwan: The government has launched a geographic information system as part of its efforts to make Taiwan a “cycling island.” 
The growing number of biking enthusiasts in the greater Taipei area prompted the Construction and Planning Agency to design a GIS exclusively for cyclists. The agency announced the initial results of a project in which it integrated nationwide cycling information to an online and smartphone-supported platform. 
At the present stage, the system, called “Biking”, provides cyclists in Taipei City and New Taipei City with relevant information on bike routes, public transport access points, and the nearest bike repair shops. 
The system also offers personalised services that calculate calorie consumption based on the cyclist’s physical condition. When the project is fully rolled out next year, the agency said, riders everywhere in Taiwan would be able to enjoy the service. 
“We hope the world will see Taiwan not only as a huge bike manufacturer, but also as an island that provides an alternative biking lifestyle,” said Wu Yuh-jen, deputy director-general of the Institute of Transportation, which supports the biking information network. 
Source: FutureGov