Home News 700,000 IKONOS satellite images now available for direct purchase through EVC Store

700,000 IKONOS satellite images now available for direct purchase through EVC Store

Minnesota, USA, 10 April 2007: East View Cartographic (EVC) today announced the addition of 700,000 IKONOS satellite images to the online EVC Store. This is the first time that IKONOS imagery has been available in a fully-functioning e-commerce environment complete with the support of experienced customer service representatives. Customers can easily browse available images geographically and place an order directly online or get further personalized help from a representative.

EVC’s President and CEO, Kent Lee described this addition as “A significant step forward in online imagery sales. Customers can buy IKONOS imagery online as easily and quickly as they can book a flight on Expedia.” Lee adds “This will allow GIS professionals to easily order an IKONOS scene informed by full scene metadata and a large preview pane of the scene without having to wait for a quote. It will also allow customers without GIS experience to quickly see what is available over their area of interest.” East View Cartographic is an authorized reseller of IKONOS imagery via an agreement with GeoEye.

This extensive catalog of satellite imagery could not be easily browsed and purchased online without EVC’s MetaLog Store. MetaLog Store is a robust platform with the ability to display large collections of data geographically, sort and filter using metadata, and allow online purchases. MetaLog Store powers EVC Store and is also available as a turnkey geospatial data management system.

This selection of IKONOS imagery with less than 25 percent cloud cover is viewable at www.cartographic.com/IKONOS.asp and it is the first of EVC’s many imagery offerings to be added to EVC Store. New IKONOS data will be added on an ongoing basis and SPOT imagery will be added to the website in the near future. Currently, SPOT imagery, QuickBird imagery, customized IKONOS scenes, and additional satellite imagery can all be ordered through EVC customer service representatives.