6th international conference on ‘Earth from Space’

6th international conference on ‘Earth from Space’


Moscow: The 6th International Conference on “Earth from Space – the Most Effective Solutions” was held in Moscow recently. The event was attended by 419 representatives from 22 countries across the globe.

At the conference, participants reviewed the possibilities of using space technology for environmental protection, monitoring forests and efficient agricultural management. Discussions were also held on the possibilities of using space technology to explore, control and protect the Arctic region and offshore areas, to improve the scientific and educational process in schools and colleges, to enable real-time monitoring of natural and man-made disasters, to improve the efficiency of land use, hydro-meteorological services operations, etc.

Liam Gumley from SSEC University of Wisconsin, USA talked about the applications of real-time data from the Suomi NPP satellite – the first spacecraft of the new generation of U.S. polar orbiting meteorological satellites.

All speakers at the event agreed that the existing legislation in the field of Earth remote sensing data application is imperfect and need adoption of a new federal law. Valery Gerasimov, the executive director of the “Earth from Space” association gave presentation on “Bureaucratic games on playground of Earth remote sensing”, in which he emphasised that the basics of the government”s policy on the use of the space activities results for the modernisation of the Russian economy and the development of its regions up to year 2030 are not sufficiently detailed and legal significance of remote sensing data in the project is not defined.

Source: ScanEx