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64-bit Windows GIS delivered by Manifold

Carson City, USA, August 2006 – manifold.net announced that Manifold System Release 7x has been issued as 64-bit GIS for Windows. 7x is available immediately and runs on Windows XP x64 as well as Windows Server 2003 x64 on AMD and Intel x64 64-bit processors. The new product supports multi-core and multiprocessor motherboards and is quad-core ready for immediate use on AMD’s “4×4” quad core processor initiative as well as on Intel Core 2 Duo family 64-bit processors. 64-bit Manifold versions are priced $50 higher than standard 32-bit Manifold versions, which will be continued for sale as a 32-bit implementation of the new Manifold 7x internal architecture.

The new Manifold 7x product line allows very low cost utilization of 64-bit processors for enhanced performance and vast memory spaces, especially critical in image processing, large vector drawings and Manifold IMS usage in high-end server applications. 64-bit Manifold editions start at only $295 for Manifold 7x Personal x64. Manifold 7x Enterprise x64 is only $445 and delivers complete 64-bit enterprise capabilities, including enterprise server applications, direct concurrent multi-user connections to Oracle Spatial and also includes 64-bit Manifold IMS for Internet Map Server applications at no additional cost.

The Manifold 7x release is a continuation of the recent update to Manifold 7.00. Manifold 6.50 licensees may upgrade to 7x at no charge and thus gain the benefits of over 630 improvements at no additional cost. Highlights of Manifold 7x include: Native Oracle Spatial Read/Write/Edit; Concurrent, Multi-User Editing; User Friendly Enhancements – It’s a great benefit to centralize geospatial information within an enterprise DBMS, but it’s also a challenge for IT administrators and users. Manifold 7x provides a wide variety of user-friendly enhancements to make it easy to administer such storage and easy for non-expert users to use such a geospatial store. Innovations such as the Database Administrator Console and Batch Export greatly reduce the workload for IT staff while advances such as friendly names make it a snap for users to use data with a point and a click; Free Oracle, SQL Server and DB2; Multi-core, Multi-processor Capabilities / Quad Core Ready; 64-bit Native Windows Capability; Virtual Earth and other Image Servers; Google Earth KML/KMZ Export and Import; OGC WFS-T and other IMS.