Home News $53,758 grant to help map Catskill region of New York

$53,758 grant to help map Catskill region of New York

A $53,758 grant will boost development of the Catskill Area Mapping Service, in New York, U.S. according to a news release issued last week by the Catskill Watershed Corp. Yesterday on 30th August, Tuesday, the CWC board in Margaretville approved the grant from the New York State Archives. The project will use an interactive GIS map promoting the Catskill region, and the service will be available on the Internet. A series of map layers will include base map reference data, such as political boundaries, Catskill Park limits, major roads and bodies of water and various aspects of the Catskill region in New York, such as historic sites, demographics and recreational opportunities.

The idea for the Catskill Area Mapping Service, also called “CAMS,” was generated by the Catskill Business Roundtable, which was established in 2002 at a Regional Economic Development Summit. Business and government representatives expressed interest in an easily accessible network to attract businesses to the region and to offer a central source of community maps, census data, infrastructure information and available commercial buildings.