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3G MobileBridge for mobile intelligent transportation systems introduced

Los Angeles, USA, 16 August 2006: Top Global has introduced 3G MobileBridge communications gateway for mobile intelligent transportation systems (ITS). The MobileBridge is a patented, mobile/portable wireless system. It is an integrated 3G mobile IP communications gateway. The MobileBridge currently supports all 3G standards including EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA, CDMA 1x, EVDO, and EVDO Rev. A. It will also support mobile WiMax and HSUPA. With EVDO Rev.A, the MobileBridge delivers up to 3.1Mbps download and 1.8Mbps peak upload speed, thus many innovative mobile and wireless applications can now be delivered.

By connecting a GPS Mouse to the serial port of the MobileBridge, real-time GPS location information can be sent from a vehicle to a central GIS server. The GPS Mouse can get position information from satellites through the MobileBridge and can transmit that info to GIS server via cellular network. The MobileBridge now offers both GPS tracking features as well as Internet access at the same time.

Top Global’s MobileBridge communications gateway can be used by public transportation companies to offer “Mobile Hot Spot” service for passengers creating an entirely new revenue model. With embedded RADIUS module, the MobileBridge offers several AAA possibilities for the services including usage/traffic (Mbits), monthly, daily, and hourly fees, with credit card payment options.

The MobileBridge is fully certified by Airpath Wireless, who provides the backend OSS for many commercial hot spot operators around the globe. If the transit authorities prefer to offer internet access for free, the dynamic content filtering capabilities reduce their direct liability for access to unwanted or inappropriate content. Local and remote portal offers user’s information about the services, the ability to sign up accounts or even fill out a survey.

When the MobileBridge is installed within a police vehicle, fire truck, or ambulance a standards-based Mobile IP communications network that supports roaming as well as a common platform for highly secure VPN/SSL encrypt information sharing can be utilized. This is critical for government agencies in an event of disaster or emergency. The local WiFi hot spot can provide internet connectivity for handheld devices as well as laptop and smart card readers to verify identity and access information from a central data base. The MobileBridge also enables mobile wireless telemedicine in real-time. This saves precious time and improves hospital/doctor efficiency in an effort to save people’s lives.

The MobileBridge can be installed on school buses, public transit, and trains to improve safety and efficiency. The GPS tracking capability can identify the location of the vehicle in real time. When installed with a Smart card or RFID reader the MobileBridge keeps track of the exact time passengers get on and off the vehicle at the exact locations. The wireless surveillance camera on the vehicle keeps monitoring what is happening in-side the vehicle and/or its surroundings while the vehicle is in motion.

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