3D Robotics ropes in Autodesk to develop a UAV-to-cloud system

3D Robotics ropes in Autodesk to develop a UAV-to-cloud system


US: Drone manufacturer 3D Robotics has joined hands with Autodesk and Sony to develop a UAV-to-cloud system that can be used for construction, telecom, survey, mapping, energy and infrastructure workers. Once developed, the system will be able to scan the terrain in 3D and will simultaneously create detailed 3D models.

The project was announced earlier this week and the company has chosen Autodesk’s FORGE and Sony’s UMC-R10C camera to turn this possibility into a reality. Meanwhile, 3D Robotics has chosen to create an advanced version of its popular Solo drone, one which can upload its newly-scanned 3D maps to the cloud while it flies still in the air.

“We are excited to collaborate with 3D Robotics to help field service professionals collect information and make insightful decisions across a variety of industries,” said Amar Hanspal, senior vice president, Products at Autodesk.

“From the integration of Site Scan and Autodesk cloud services, to their use of the FORGE platform, 3D Robotics is opening up new ways of working for our architecture, engineering and construction customers.” It is thought that 3D Robotics new 3D mapping drone and UAV-to-cloud system could be the catalyst for a number of new drone-based 3D scanning and 3D mapping technologies.

Gathering visual 3D data from the air offers numerous advantages over ground surveying, and the decreasing cost of UAVs could force businesses to adopt the burgeoning technology. "The Solo is the first example of an enterprise drone that is integrated from end to end, from drone to camera to cloud," said Chris Anderson, cofounder and CEO of 3D Robotics in an interview.

Source: 3ders.org