3D Robotics, Intel partnership to add more Drone power

3D Robotics, Intel partnership to add more Drone power


US, September 25, 2014: 3D robotics has teamed up with Intel in developing a new microcomputer Edison, adding more power to Drone operations.

Edison is a new microcomputer that basically packs PC power in postage stamp size, at an almost universally affordable price.

The integration of Edison into company’s next-generation autopilot will result in incredible leaps forward in on-board image processing, sense and avoid, new classes of sensors, and artificial intelligence. The Edison board has the kind of processing that at one time somebody could only find in a personal computer.

With the additional computing power from Edison, the company’s 3PV Follow Me technology can now track people and objects with vision instead of relying on a GPS signal. This means that without the requirement of any extra device one can just go and the drone will visually recognize where you are and keep the camera on you.

3DR CEO Chris Anderson, CEO, 3DR said, “A rich collaboration between Intel’s engineers and ours to integrate the Edison into our platform and add image processing power.”

Source: 3DR