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3D Nature Introduces Visual Nature Studio 1.1

3D Nature LLC, makers of the award winning World Construction Set, proudly unveiled Visual Nature Studio 1.1, the newest technology in Photorealistic Landscape Visualization software. VNS extends the stunning realism features of WCS with new capabilities and workflow improvements for GIS Professionals.

VNS 1.1 can now import ESRI .E00 raster DEM, ESRI .ADF raster DEM and United Kingdom Ordnance Survey NTF DNM (Land-Form Panorama and Profile DTM in NTF formats). Additionally, it can export ESRI ArcView shapefile (2D and 3D with attributes). Additionally, VNS now supports the New Zealand Map Grid coordinate system.

Improved features include Arc PRJ-file loader that now recognizes the new-style OpenGIS PRJ format written by ArcView. Shapefile ReImport now has the ability to Auto-Conform vectors after Import. Shapefile Import can now add a user-specified layer to all entities found in the file.
This is a free update for current Visual Nature Studio owners and is shipping with all new orders at this time.