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3D Nature announces world construction Set 6

3D Nature LLC has announced the newest innovation in landscape rendering technology, World Construction Set 6. WCS6 provides users with many of the tools that they have requested. New features are designed to assist users in creating the most photorealistic images possible while increasing usability and expediting project creation.

Some of the new features include:

¨ Render enhancements allow transparent water and real volumetric clouds and atmospheres!

¨ Bump Mapping gives surfaces an added element of detail.

¨ with the use of unlimited number of Render Engines, users can now take full advantage of their entire network with the included Network Render Controller, SuperConductor.

¨ Enhanced image support offers more image formats including: JPEG, PNG, TIFF, AVI and QuickTime.

¨ Extrude vector entities into Walls providing visible boundaries with texturing. Create fences, jersey barriers, regional boundaries and more.

¨ Render, apply effects and save images with High Dynamic Range Support.

¨ new blazingly fast Terrain Gridder allows gridding in a matter of minutes rather than hours or days.

¨ Enhanced support for other 3D software and objects including Wavefront OBJ with Textures. Additionally, 3DS object improvements allow the loading of objects with multiple layers, sub-objects, textures and UV maps from 3D Studio Max or Viz! Improved Lightwave support now imports Lightwave 6/7 objects with multiple layers and UV textures. Users can now perform high-quality Z-Buffer compositing with other 3D software right in WCS6, no plug-ins required. Composited objects can even reflect in WCS scenes! Supports Lightwave, and 3D Studio Max and Viz RLA/RPF formats!

¨ WCS6 offers many Post-processing options, including: Color balance, Exposure, Gain, Gamma, Levels, Lighten, Darken, Contrast, Texture Overlay, Image Overlay, Chromax, Posterize, Median, Box Filter, Distort, Edge Ink, Glow, Star, Line, Negative, Composite. Text Overlay Post Process supports built-in variables for easy Pre-production reference titling: frame number, camera or target heading, pitch and bank, latitude, longitude, elevation, and view arc. Include/Exclude lists allow selective Post Processing.

WCS6 now includes the 3D Nature Content CD that contains hundreds of pre-built Components that can be applied to users’ individual projects.