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3D Nature announces Visual Nature Studio 2

3D Nature LLC, has unveiled their newest landscape visualization technology, Visual Nature Studio 2. VNS extends the stunning realism features of VNS 1 and WCS with new capabilities and workflow improvements for GIS Professionals.
VNS 2 enables users to drape large numbers of high-resolution images, merge DEMS of different resolutions seamlessly, improve realism with Transparent Water and Volumetric Atmospheres and expedite animation rendering with an included Network Render Controller. The new Scenario Manager provides the tools needed to manage multiple variations or alternative visualizations of the same project. Splined Terraffectors create smoothly curving roads and riverbeds, and Terraffector Freeze permanently freezes terrain alterations into the DEM model.
New Post Processing capabilities including text overlay put the finishing touches on renderings. Rendering to Projections and Profile Export to Adobe Illustrator push the envelope of realistic cartography.
Orders are being taken now and the product will begin shipping in January 2003. Retail price for the software is $2475 and discounted pricing is available for upgrades from VNS 1 or WCS.