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3D Nature announces Ultimate Earth

The Ultimate Earth Content DVD-ROM provides 1 Kilometer land mass terrain data, 10 Kilometer bathymetry, 1 Kilometer color imagery and 5 Kilometer cloudmap data for the entire globe. Included are over 939 million DEM data points and over one billion pixels of imagery. Ultimate Earth is the culmination of months of data collection, processing time and project design. Users can simply open a project, select a viewing location, and instantly create high-quality visualizations of the region. Ultimate Earth also contains two-dozen projects for working with smaller areas of the earth (saving memory and hard drive space) and Components allowing users to apply Ultimate Earth data to their existing projects. Ultimate Earth is a large and complex dataset, and requires either World Construction Set 6 or Visual Nature Studio 2. We recommend 512Mb to 1Gb of memory, a 1.5Ghz processor or faster and approximately 7Gb of hard disk space.