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3D mapping of Brunei’s terrain for flood monitoring

Brunei: The Survey Department in Brunei is in the process of mapping out all terrains in the country in three-dimension. Hj Mohammmed Jamil Hj Mohd Ali, Surveyor General, Brunei, told The Brunei Times that the department was using LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) to map out the terrain to an accuracy of 15cm. He said that this would benefit the people as well as the government. “One of the problems facing Brunei is floods. With the information we collect we should be able to monitor floods,” he added.

He said that till now, the department could not make models of the flood prone areas. It is expected to be completed in the later part of the year. Some other projects that the department is carrying out include underground utility mapping, which is mapping of underground cable and pipes, and Brunei Darussalam Spatial Data Infrastructure which aims to have all information available on the Internet.

In addition, he quoted that if a picture tells a 1,000 words, a GIS map tells 10,000. He also cited an example of how GIS could be used to make an efficient transport system.

Source: The Brunei Times