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3D map details Nagasaki bombing horror

Japan: A new Web site aimed at helping the world learn about the horror and destruction of the Nagasaki atomic bombing (A-bombing), using a 3-D digital satellite map, has been launched.

The site, dubbed “Nagasaki Archive” (https://nagasaki.mapping.jp/), shows photographic portraits of A-bomb survivors and the locations of destroyed buildings on a 3-D map of Nagasaki, allowing users to view the victims’ A-bomb stories and photos of the buildings by clicking them.

“We want to save these tragic past experiences as accessible digital data and hand them down to future generations,” said a member of the site’s production committee.

The digital map of Nagasaki shows A-bomb survivors’ photographic portraits and photos of major destroyed buildings, including the Nagasaki Prefectural Government office. When clicked on, the photos display the stories of survivors’ experiences or close-up shots of buildings taken soon after the bombing. The 3-D cityscape can be seen not only from the sky but from horizontal angles.

Source: The Mainichi Daily News