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‘3D laser scanning market to grow at 8.8 pc by 2016’

US: The worldwide market for 3D laser scanners is forecasted to grow at an 8.8 percent annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2011 to 2016.The 3D laser scanning market including hardware, software, and services is rather dynamic with major segments experiencing rapid product innovation. The market contains exceptional opportunities with forecasted growth driven by both replacing older mechanical methods, and by improved work flow. Also, improved 3D laser scanning products provide lower total project costs which enable more projects to obtain financial approval.

3D laser scanning equipment senses the shape of an object and collects data for the location of the outer surface. This distinct technology has found applications in many industries including discrete and process manufacturing, utilities, construction, archaeology, law enforcement, government, and entertainment.

“Advances in the areas of hardware, software, improved workflow, and ease-of-use have lowered project and operational costs which expands the applications for 3D laser scanning,” according to Research Director Ralph Rio, the principal author of ARC’s “3D Laser Scanning Worldwide Outlook”. Rio added, “Improvements in software identify surfaces and convert them into objects that are used in CAD programs for faster project execution. This is just one of many areas providing huge gains in user productivity.”

Source: ARCweb