3D Laser Mapping scans glacial terrains

3D Laser Mapping scans glacial terrains


Nottingham, UK: The latest laser scanning and remote controlled aircraft technology are to be used to monitor glaciers where unstable slopes and rock falls are a continual threat. A special long range scanner, capable of measuring tiny movements over a 2km range, is being supplied by 3D Laser Mapping for the research by the University of Northumbria. Scan data will be used to help create 3D maps using low level aerial photographs captured by an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV).

The laser scanner will be used on a range of projects including the monitoring of retreating glaciers in the European Alps and the investigation of rock falls in the Southern Alps of New Zealand. Selected by the University of Northumbria to enhance research, teaching and Enterprise activity in the School of Applied Sciences, the Riegl LMS-Z620 can obtain 10mm accuracies at distances of up to 2km.

The laser scanner will also be used to support studies in geo-archaeology, helping to create virtual representations of sites by providing a base onto which geo-chemical data can be overlaid for interpretation.

The Riegl scanner will be used to support ongoing research into the use of UAVs for low level aerial photography of active river systems, using UAVs held by Northumbria University, and in collaboration with Blue River Studios. Data captured by the scanner will be integrated with that captured by the UAV and used to validate and enhance resulting height models. As crime sciences and forensics also form part of the School of Applied Sciences, the scanner may be used for mapping both simulated and real crime scenes.

The Riegl LMS-Z620 is a rugged and fully portable sensor including a high performance, long range 3D scanner, operating and processing software and a calibrated and accurately orientated high-resolution digital camera. The Riegl LMS-Z620 combines a wide field of view, high maximum range – up to 2km – and fast data acquisition with field accuracies of 10mm.

Source: The Marketing Edge