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3D laser mapping of French Railways for enhanced safety

France: France’s national railway company SNCF has used FIT ESIC's rail-mounted StreetMapper to improve overall safety and guide railway track upgrade works.

StreetMapper, a mobile laser scanning system from 3D Laser Mapping is being used by FIT ESIC, a surveying and engineering company to scan rail tracks and infrastructure. The data acquired from millions of individual laser-scanned measurements is used to produce engineering-grade survey data and a 3D topographical map of the track, trackside area and catenary. Length and cross profiles of the track were produced including staggers of contact lines, catenary lines and overhead civil engineering structures. Potentially dangerous objects were detected, identified and measured to determine clearance from the track and trains.

Bruno Landes, Head of the Works Assistance and Surveying Division at SNCF said, "LiDAR technology has without a doubt improved the management of our railway infrastructure. The data has been used as topographic inputs for railway modernisation studies, gauge studies and electrification studies."

StreetMapper, using vehicle-mounted lasers, facilitates high precision mapping to a range of 800 metres, a capacity of 550,000 measurements per second per sensor and recorded absolute accuracies in independent real world projects of better than 10 millimetres.

Source: Rail Journal