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‘3D GIS data integration in mining is a challenge’

Australia: While GIS and 3D geological modelling technology are playing integral roles in mine management and exploration, data integration is a major challenge for GIS users, observed Laurent Ailleres, Senior Research Fellow at Monash University and Principal of PGN GeoScience in Australia. Ailleres was in conversation with GISinMining.
Ailleres said that most of the data for mining and explorations are now getting more and more three dimensional. For example, there’s the development of 3D seismic as well for hard rock geology, so GIS would have to evolve to 3D platforms. There is a need to develop a system so that the integration of data and the capability of drawing knowledge out of that data could be more valuable for project geologists and managers.
Aillers stressed that the most important thing would be to be able to integrate geological data on different scales and also integrate a different kind of geological data, including geophysical data and geochemical data.
According to Ailleres, 3D modelling technicians do not necessarily have knowledge about the geology so information in the geologists’ mind is hard to put into the computer. He concluded that there is still a separation between a geologist to actually understand the rock distributions and technicians to understand the software. So, this is the missing link which is preventing from making progress.
Source: GISinMining