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3001 Inc. acquires LandAir Mapping Inc.

Fairfax, Virginia, USA, 29 September, 2006: 3001, Inc., announced on September 29 that after working together for many years, including an eighteen month period where LandAir Mapping, Inc. (LandAir) acted as the fourth business unit of 3001 providing all flight operations and related services, 3001 has finalized the agreement to wholly acquire LandAir.

LandAir, a small geospatial business successfully run by President Tom Olive since 1988, is a contract holder under US Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Information Program (NAIP) and as such, was awarded the largest number of states for high-resolution aerial photo acquisition. LandAir also successfully managed dozens of other projects in the last years, eliciting praise from clients all around.

LandAir teaming with 3001 began in 2003, when the two firms joined forces to support the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in the acquisition and processing of natural color imagery at 1 meter resolution imagery for the entire island of Puerto Rico. The two companies’ production staff and management developed a deep sense of respect for each other and trust in a shared vision for high quality imagery products.

Mr. Olive will stay on to run 3001’s LandAir Mapping business unit, with its joint assets of nearly a dozen sensors and as many airplanes. “I am looking forward to a little extra time that this acquisition affords me to consider future sensor investments. The economies we enjoy by joining forces will allow us to spend more time listening and learning of new ways to save time and money for our clients”, says Tom Olive.

3001 and LandAir have been experiencing a period of dynamic growth in the past few years, with major geospatial contract awards across local, state and federal government. Both have also been engaged in the acquisition and processing of imagery data from other countries in support of private and public initiatives.

Bart Bailey, CEO of 3001, says, “It is exciting to ally oneself with the best of what the industry has to offer. This acquisition formalizes 3001’s commitment to offer clients a complete, quality airborne acquisition and image processing solution. Just as we ‘tried on’ Leica ADS40 and Z/I Imaging DMC production workflows for a year prior to actually purchasing the sensors themselves, the acquisition of LandAir has been seamless and assures a smooth continuity of operations.”

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