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3-GIS to develop HCA app for gas transmission pipeline industry

Decatur, US: 3-GIS partnered with Gas Technology Institute (GTI) in the US, to develop High Consequence Area (HCA) application for the gas transmission pipeline industry. The HCA is a geographic location where a transmission pipeline accident could pose a threat to people, property or environment.

Through the HCA application, 3-GIS and GTI, will provide the industry a tool that uses new consumer grade smart phones and tablet computers, operating on iOS and Android platforms. The application aims to improve the field data collection process for HCA operations. The application allows field users to collect information on identified sites that include location, along with occupancy status, features and photographs.

While there are many advantages to electronic field data capture in terms of quality, the primary cost savings result from a streamlined back-office integration process. The application allows new structures to be associated with assets in the GIS directly from the field, therefore eliminating the need for any manual data transfer. The process of classifying a structure as being inside or outside of the Pipeline Impact Radius (PIR) can then be completed with all of the field collected attribute information immediately available. The HCA information is available to the entire organization for viewing and updating.

This new application is currently being deployed with Alagasco in Birmingham, Alabama, in a pilot project to evaluate the ease-of-use of the software and the feasibly of using consumer grade tablet devices for field operations.

Source: 3-GIS