3-D mapping to smoothen ultra sound scans

3-D mapping to smoothen ultra sound scans


US: Researchers have developed an automated 3-D mapping and labelling system that reduces scan time and improves the work flow, efficiency and accuracy of routine freehand ultrasound exams.

“The labelling and measuring of free hand ultrasound images are operator dependent, time consuming, and are usually manually performed,” said Calin Caluser, a member of the research team. “The new 3-D mapping and labelling system that we have developed automatically records information and replaces steps in the image acquisition process (that are typically performed manually) with a simple key stroke,” said Caluser.

“The new system can be added to any existing ultrasound machine and the reduced time for scanning the patient can translate in improved work flow and efficiency,” he said.

“In addition to the reduced examination time, there are other potential benefits to the patients. The mapping and labelling system can help obtain a second opinion from a different physician, may reduce the number of repeat ultrasound exams, and also could help in planning a patient’s treatment. With clinical experience, we hope to improve the system and bring more features to help the patients and health care providers,” said Caluser.

Source: Eureka Alert