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$3.9 million contract for mapping and imagery data awarded to Intermap Technologies

Denver, Colorado, 23 August 2006 – Intermap Technologies Corp. announced that its Intermap Federal Services, Inc. subsidiary has received a US$3.9M contract to provide digital elevation data and orthorectified radar imagery for an international project. The contract will deliver data for geography never before mapped to the accuracy provided by Intermap’s Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (IFSAR) technology. Under the agreement, Intermap will provide radar mapping services for the client over the next six-months.

“We have provided extensive mapping services to this particular client over the years and the continued business is a testament to the value and level of service we deliver to the market,” commented Michael Bullock, Vice President of Engineering and President of Intermap Federal Services, Inc. “The accuracy of the data we’re providing and our ability to effectively operate internationally enables the client to satisfy requirements that were otherwise unachievable.”

Intermap Technologies
Intermap enables customers to facilitate better decision-making and create applications for numerous commercial, governmental, military, and consumer products through the purchase of high quality and affordable elevation datasets. The company is proactively remapping entire countries and building unprecedented national databases, called NEXTMap, consisting of highly accurate digital topographic maps that include elevation data.

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Intermap employs more than 280 people worldwide, with offices in Calgary, Ottawa, Munich, and Jakarta. For more information, visit www.intermap.com.